Are you asking yourself why you need Dallas dryer vent cleaning company? Did you know that back in 2010, The National Fire Protection Association reported that there were 17,000 structure fires that resulted due to dryer vent issues? The shocking part is that this was nearly ten years ago and the numbers just seem to continue to rise every year.

This is why we not only want to make our customers aware of the importance of hiring a good Dallas dryer vent cleaning company, but we want to make the public aware as well. Below, you will discover why we are one of the premier and more preferred vent-cleaning companies in the Dallas, Texas area.

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    Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas TX Company Giving You The Knowledge You Need

    Not only do we believe in doing a thorough job, but also we believe in giving you the tools that you need to keep you and your family safe for the foreseeable future and avoid mold removal Dallas tx services. Our techs are filled with knowledge and highly skilled. After cleaning our techs will walk you through a very simple maintenance procedure that you can perform on your own to increase the lifespan or your dryer and make it more efficient in the process.

    Most Dallas dryer vent cleaning companies just want to get in and get out, but that is not the case with our techs, as we truly care about each and every one of our customers.

    Dallas Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Leaves No Stones Unturned

    Our company completely believes in doing a thorough and complete job. This is why when we come out to do a dryer vent cleaning; we don’t just clean your vents. We look for future problems, make sure everything is up to code, and make sure your dryer vent is actually installed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

    It really is our motto to leave no stone unturned. Whatever the situation is, we will notify you of our findings and make suggestions as to how to proceed.

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    dallas dryer vent cleaning

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas TX Company Offers Free Inspections

    Do you know little to nothing about dryer vents? Perhaps, you don’t even know if your dryer vent needs cleaned or not. There is nothing wrong with that and this is why we have highly trained inspectors that can inspect your vents and tell you everything you need to know.

    Not only will our inspectors tell you if your vents need to be cleaned or not, but they will give you some key pointers to look for in the future to help you determine if your vents need to be cleaned or not. In addition to this, we do all of this at no charge.

    Equipped With The Right Tools

    Sure, you can run down to your local hardware store and purchase a DIY vent cleaning kit. And, in most cases, these kits might even work fairly well, but there are still a variety of situations when these kits are insufficient and just can’t perform the task at hand. If your vents are extremely dirty or have a lot of twists and turn it is highly likely that these DIY kits won’t be up for the task.

    This is why out techs have airlines and compressors with flexible air rods that can reach into the tightest of places. When you connected these air devices to one of our powerful compressors, there literally is no clog or length of vent that we can’t clean properly. dont forget to ask us also about our air duct cleaning Dallas service

    We Operate A Drug-Free Dryer Vent Cleaning Dallas Texas Company

    We aim to operate a drug-free company, by conducting both pre-employment and routine drug testing. We require qualified job applicants to submit a sample of urine, blood or hair, which will be sent to a third-party laboratory. If illegal substances are detected, the applicant will be disqualified and potentially face legal repercussions.

    Each month, we randomly select employees for drug testing. This is a requirement for operating a drug-free company. We believe that employees who are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs are a risk for our company. These employees are at a higher risk of committing a crime, while at work and getting injured. By eliminating them from our company, we are able to better serve our customers and maintain a safer working environment.

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    Our Technicians Are Fully Trained

    Every new employee we hire is required to complete an extensive training course. The purpose of training is to ensure our employees are fully qualified to perform their job duties, such as dryer vent cleaning Dallas Texas. Our technicians are required to complete in-class and field training, before they are permitted to perform any duties solo.

    We guarantee that our dryer vent cleaning Dallas Texas team is fully qualified to work. Employee training helps up ensure you that the job will be done proficiently, efficiently and properly the first go-around. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior service that will put a smile on their face.

    We Are A Locally Established Company

    Unlike some companies, we are located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. If you search for dryer vent cleaning Dallas TX services, you will discover that there are several companies that operate throughout the United States. These companies utilize independent contractors to perform services for them, which leaves more room for error.

    We are a reputable company that offers venting cleaning services in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to contact our Dallas office to learn more about our services, prices and availabilities.

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    We Offer Written Quotes

    Obtaining a quote from our company and at least three others is a great way to ensure you get the best deal on dryer venting cleaning. We offer written quotes that will be valid for a specified period of time. We say this because the damage caused by clogged dryer vents will continue to progress daily.

    Compare your quotes to determine which company is offering you the best price. However, do not focus solely on the price, because some companies will skimp on materials, just to keep their prices low. Look at the full picture and then decide which company will offer you the best overall deal.